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Thứ Năm, 18 tháng 7, 2013

Trực thăng chạy bằng xe đạp

Hãy dùng các từ và cụm từ dưới đây ở dạng thích hợp để hoàn thành những câu sau:

contraption / defied gravity / altitude / chopper / pioneers

1. About 200 firefighters are continuing to fight the Arizona wildfire - started by a lightning strike - and more crews are on their way. They will include helicopters and other aircraft, which can drop thousands of litres of water or fire-retardant chemicals from low __________.

2. Now, one of the original lunar __________ believes the time has come to make another great leap for mankind. Buzz Aldrin thinks that manned missions to Mars should take place sooner rather than later - within the next quarter of a century.

3. Hawking will test at least one of those laws on Thursday, when he plans to __________ - for a moment anyway - by floating during one or more parabolic manoeuvres aboard a specially modified Boeing 727. The plane, operated by Florida-based Zero Gravity Corporation, will take off and land from the space shuttle's runway at the Kennedy Space Center.

4. Then another __________ took off. This one I recognized as a French army Puma. Then another military helicopter was in the sky - I'm not sure what make - then another.

5. As with its smaller counterparts, the print head moves firstly horizontally and then vertically building up salami slices of the 3D object. The enormous __________ will be able to fabricate individual life-sized rooms in one print session.

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