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Thứ Tư, 4 tháng 9, 2013

Nhật thử nghiệm tàu siêu tốc Maglev

Hãy dùng các từ và cụm từ dưới đây ở dạng thích hợp để hoàn thành những câu sau:

magnets / world-class / venture / overseas / turn up

1. Mr Gondwe says his business is good: "I used to sell radios but that was not a profitable business. That's why I switched to selling underwear and this is a much more rewarding __________."

2. "If people fail to __________ for interviews or refuse a job offer for no good reason they will face losing their benefit. It is because of this we have introduced tough new penalties for those claimants who refuse to play by the rules."

3. __________ inside mobile phone cases and GPS devices and also the metal in car keys and under-wired bras could affect compass needles, the MCofS warned.

4. "A weak currency won't necessarily lead to a crisis. But, if it makes it harder to pay for a deficit that is owed to__________ creditors, that's when it could become a problem."

5. Stephen Duncan, director of commercial and tourism at Historic Scotland, said: "Stirling Castle is a __________ attraction which draws visitors from across the globe, so I am delighted to see it recognised as one of the 40 best experiences in Europe."

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